Rail Maintenance

Rail Maintenance
Inver Engineering has been involved in servicing the rail industry since the inception of the company over 30 years ago, providing precision machined and refurbished components for all classes of rolling stock.
In 2013 Inver Engineering established a purpose built, under 1 roof, Rail Maintenance facility. The facility allows for the end to end process of Bogie Overhauls to be performed without product being moved to other buildings, sites or sub contractors.
With a focus on value adding at every step of the process – Lean principles have been implemented. The only TAKT time driven Bogie overhaul facility in Australia – we are setting the new benchmark for the industry.
The flexibility of an in-line complete overhaul process allows for an efficient, cost effective, processing of your product. A TAKT time driven process ensures that your product progresses as planned. Current supplier of services to METRO Trains Melbourne for the Nexas Fleet.
  • Bogie reconditioning
  • Gearbox inspection and overhaul (Authorised repairer for Watteeue Gearboxes)
  • Frame validation – Dimension verification using computerised measuring arms, giving accuracy not achieved before.
  • NDT Testing by AINDT qualified personel
  • Load Testing – Assembled bogies can be load tested and preset, ready for installation
Wheel Shop Services
Inver Engineering has a full service wheel shop that can offer a quality service at a competitive price to all operators and maintenance providers. Quality service is our goal and we have extensive procedures in place to ensure that the work undertaken will meet the critical safety standards required by rail operators. The wheel shop management and staff have over 92 years experience in major wheel shops and are well respected in the industry.
Currently servicing Suburban / Country Passenger, Tram, Freight and Locomotive operators across Australia.
The scope of Wheel Set Refurbishment work undertaken is outlined below:
  • Reprofiling on Hegenscheidt Wheel Lathe
  • Re-discing with Farell Wheel Press, CNC Vertical Borer and associated support equipment
  • NDT Testing by AINDT qualified personnel
  • Reconditioning of axle boxes
  • Manufacture of axle boxes
Traction Motor Repairs (TMR)
Traction Motor Repairs is a 100% Australian owned and operated company, servicing rolling stock operators and maintenance providers. Traction Motor Repairs has a dedicated team of with over 300 years experience.
Our facility has the capacity to offer a complete refurbishment service on traction motors and related electrical rotating equipment.
Traction Motor Repairs provides the following:
  • AC and DC Traction Motor overhauls to level one and two.
  • Rewinds to manufacturers maintenance instructions.
  • Overhaul and rewind of Main Generators
  • Overhaul and rewind of Auxiliary equipment such as radiator fan sets, auxiliary generators and motor alternators etc.
  • Change over service on D78 traction motors on a one for one basis if required. The motors are in stock refurbished and ready to be put into service.
  • Electrical Components
  • Electronics
To contact us about this service please contact:
Wheelshop Manager – Inver Engineering
Rail Services Manager – Inver Engineering
General Manager – Traction Motors Repairs
Supervisor – Traction Motors Repairs
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